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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Vermouth

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Much like that bit character who comes into a movie for just a few moments but has an indelible effect on the progression of the story, vermouth is in all-too-often forgotten player in the journey of a cocktail. Despite the fact that it’s a necessary ingredient to many classic drinks (martini and Manhattan, anyone?), vermouth is frequently pushed to the wayside — relegated to a dusty spot on your bar alongside bottles of creme de […]

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Kahlua

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If you’re drinking with The Dude from The Big Lebowski, he’ll have nothing but a White Russian. He drinks glass after glass of what can best be described as chocolate milk for adults — a recipe that hinges on its use of Kahlua coffee liqueur. Thanks in large part to the popularity of the 1998 film, it’s nearly impossible not to think of a White Russian when thinking of Kahlua. That said, if, like The […]

3 Cocktail Trends to Look Out for in 2017

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Like fashion and food, the landscape of cocktails is largely predicted by popular trends. Thanks to the resurgence of tiki drinks like the Jungle Bird, refined disco sips like the Harvey Wallbanger, and concoctions that questioned everything you thought you knew about a particular spirit (hello, Sherry cocktails!), 2016 was a fun time for liquor lovers. But with a new year comes new trends and new techniques. Here are three things to look out for […]

History of Harry’s New York Bar: 3 Classic Cocktails You Need to Know

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For this week’s article, we partnered with Katie Stryjewski of Garnish. Check out her blog for fascinating cocktail history, as well as new recipes featuring your favorite spirits. When researching the stories behind classic cocktails, certain people and places seem to come up again and again, looming large in the history of mixology. One such place is Harry’s New York Bar in Paris. In 1911, a famous American jockey named Tod Sloane had a wild idea […]

3 Reasons You Should Always Choose 100% Agave Tequila

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For this week’s article, we’ve partnered with former bartender Daniel Robinson of The Fervent Shaker. Check out his blog for new recipes and inspiration. There are two main categories every tequila falls into: mixto (blended) or 100% agave. The former is the type you’re likely to find at a college party. It’s cheaper than 100% agave and can leave you with a nasty pile of regret in the morning. The latter, on the other hand, […]

August Cocktail of the Month: The Caipirinha

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If you’ve never had a caipirinha, you are missing out. The classic Brazilian cocktail is made with nothing more than cachaça (a sugarcane-based spirit similar to rum), lime juice, and sugar, making it an easy and refreshing sip that’s perfect for the summer. While the true origins of the cocktail are not completely known, it’s believed that the recipe first began around 1918. Created in São Paulo, it was made with honey, garlic, and lime […]

How to Perfect the Most Complicated Cocktail in the World

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Most well-known cocktails don’t require a ton of effort in order to make them right. This article is not about those cocktails. Today we’re breaking down the most complicated cocktail in the world and giving you tips for how to make it like a pro. So what cocktail are we talking about? Answer: the Bloody Mary. Now, we’re not surprised if you think we’re crazy for saying that. After all, everyone’s had a Bloody Mary. […]

3 of the Most Expensive Cocktails in the World

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Now that your taxes are (hopefully) behind you, were you fortunate enough to get a refund? If there happens to be a few thousand extra bucks burning a hole in your wallet, we recommend paying a visit to one of the following locations. Each of these exclusive bars boasts a menu with one of the most expensive cocktails in the world. (But don’t worry, we’ve kept this list to just the ones that are $10,000 […]

6 Cocktail Trends to Look Out for in 2016

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Like fashion and food, the landscape of cocktails is largely predicted by popular trends. Thanks to the resurgence of classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned and the martini, 2015 was a great time for spirit aficionados. But with a new year come new trends and new techniques. Here’s what to look out for in 2016. Disco Era Cocktails Classic cocktails will continue to be popular, with the Old Fashioned, martini, Manhattan, and mojito leading the […]

5 Crazy Facts About Gin

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Despite the fact that there are more classic cocktails made with gin than any other liquor, the spirit itself is not nearly as popular as vodka, whiskey, or rum. Perhaps it’s the fact that the juniper-based drink tastes like what we’d expect a Christmas tree to taste like. Personally, we’re all about that flavor, yet we also understand not everyone enjoys their cocktail with a side of pine needles. Whatever your feelings about gin may […]